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Peace Park

April 24, 2017

We went for a stroll around the neighbourhood and Giotto suggested to visit this park since it looked very popular among the locals. We went inside with a couple of beers to make our “Aperò” before having dinner. Peace Park is indeed a beautiful place full of nature. In the middle of a concrete jungle as Shanghai you can still find these little oasis of calm. Which are the perfect places to disconnect a bit from the chaos outside the fences. There were no crowds, still do not expect to feel alone or in real peace, as long as you are not the first one to enter the park at 8am that will be hard to get, and not even.

I think this park is a good place to enjoy and see a bit closer the local culture in a chinese metropoli as Shanghai, were the modernity and fast living sometimes fades away the authenticity of this culture. Inside we felt a kind of real China, no traffic noise for once, people in big groups practicing their popular square dance, others playing their traditional musical instruments, which gave the perfect harmony to the place with their melodies, some families were in the game of taking the best portrait photo of their children, others working out, jogging or simply sleeping on the grass where there was a very big chart with: “do not walk on the grass”, while us were playing tourists at the same time as enjoying the “people watching” also towards us from the locals… yes, all of the above inside a gorgeous chinese garden.

The curiosity of Peace park is that is full of lovely gardens and views, an artificial lake with a mini island in the middle. It’s something between a zoo and an amusement park from the 70’s. Seems like in fact it used to work as small zoo where they kept captive animals as bears, tigers, lions, which were moved to the Shanghai Zoo. I hope there weren’t many of these animals back then, because the place it’s really small for such kinds. Now there are just monkeys and peacocks (still very small). There were also, kind of creepy, very old rides for children. I think those were still working, however no children seemed interested or parent courageous enough to risk it. hehehe…

This nice park is located in the Hongkou district – 5 mins walk from Siping Rd.


Pd. I took the chance to make a very fast outfit photos thanks to my man! 🙂

Turtle neck top – Tezenis
Denim trousers – Zara
Sneakers – Vans Era
Handbag – Zara

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