October 19, 2018

As you may have noticed I am a super fan of hats… I think I don’t have enough of them, I wish I had one of every model, size and color possible… Any kind of hat is a timeless accessory and the ultimate fashion resource for a chic look! I think wearing a hat gives lots of character to any outfit!!! now the Berets or the “french hat” has become more and more popular…. how do you like it? Do not wait until winter to wear it, even in summer you can be chic!! These photos were taken few months ago in my homeland Guayaquil, where soon I will be visiting again!! Can’t wait for summer again!!! haha!! 

Como te habrás dado cuenta, soy un gran fanática de los sombreros… Creo que no tengo suficientes, me gustaría tener uno de cada modelo, tamaño y color posible… Cualquier tipo de sombrero es un accesorio atemporal y el mejor recurso de moda para verse chic! Creo que usar un sombrero le da mucho carácter a cualquier atuendo! ahora las boinas o el “sombrero francés” se han vuelto más y más populares… ¿cómo te gusta? ¡No esperes hasta el invierno para usarlo, incluso en verano puedes verte chic! Estas fotos fueron tomadas hace unos meses en mi tierra natal, Guayaquil, donde pronto estaré de visita nuevamente. No puedo esperar para vivir el verano nuevamente!!! haha!
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Checkered Trendy

October 17, 2018

Are you also suffering of the checkered fever? I am indeed!! I have always been a profound fan of this kind of print called also plaid… It’s very  elegant! and it’s really cool for me to see it on Vogue right now. There are no rules anymore! you can wear EXTRA checkers, like on a total outfit and look without a doubt super stylish. In this outfit of the day I didn’t have to buy a complete suit of this print… I happened to buy both pieces, the trousers and the blazer in differents times from different brands as well… It’s like i showed you in an older post… I matched them together and now it seems as I am wearing a suit!! I love it!! As a proud tomboy I could wear suits everyday… and in this print? OMG I am in love!! not literally with myself, but in love of how it looks wearing a checkered suit in neutral colors… I can wear it with any other top and shoes and nail it! haha… how do you like this trend??

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Red Stripes Tee

October 10, 2018

My dear home away from home, Shanghai, it’s getting chilly!… still not for having to wear a jacket, but now it’s better to wear long pants and long sleeves… The fact of the “winter is coming” makes me nervous… To be honest i’m not ready, I haven’t and i think i won’t buy yet winter clothes (well, i have a winter wardrobe, but i won’t buy any new winter trends… that’s what i mean), because I will go to Ecuador soon!!! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP!!! I am literally counting the days to get home, see my family, hang out with my friends, eat my food (that is something I am really looking forward, specially ENCEBOLLADO) And the best is that after six years… Continue Reading…


My Classics when Traveling

October 8, 2018

Always in my suitcase I will pack my denim skirt (any kind of denim skirt) because it will match with absolutely every other top and of course a black strappy top because it will match as well with any other bottom. These are my must have basics when traveling specially when it is to a warm place. Are very simple, but very versatile. Shanghai right now still super hot and I am loving it!

Siempre en mi maleta llevaré mi falda de mezclilla (cualquier tipo de falda de mezclilla) porque combinará con todas las demás prendas que lleve en la parte de arriba y, por supuesto, una camiseta de tiras negras, ya que también combinará con cualquier otra parte inferior. Estos son mis elementos básicos cuando viajo especialmente cuando se trata de un lugar cálido. Son cosas muy simples, pero muy versátiles. Shanghai en este momento sigue estando super caliente y me encanta! Continue Reading…


Tulle, Leather & Sequin

October 5, 2018

I can say for sure: We all nowadays prefer practicality and comfort at the time of dressing. At the same time, we also look for uniqueness, elegance and sophistication. We want to be different and that is not hard anymore… 

Wanna look more femenine or more masculine?, there are no rules anymore… The only thing we have to do is to develop the ability to harmoniously combine the most diverse elements to create a single stylish image. As a tomboy who is always on the move and that practically never wear heels I have been mixing and matching always… Continue Reading…

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