Vintage Leopard Blazer

October 3, 2018

Since the beginning of times I have been a fan of the leopard print!!! It’s amazing how a simply basic outfit made of jeans and a black t-shirt changed and became way stylish with only a blazer… but, what a blazer!!! In these times where the animalier is the hottest trend i got to find this one which is from my mother in law… The blazer still looking great and fancy. I love it!!! I couldn’t help it and borrowed from her (Grazie mille Clo :)) for this day and of course why not creating an outfit post to show it to you!. Cute isn’t it? Continue Reading…

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September 30, 2018


If you have been following me for a while you for sure noticed that I’m a sunglasses lover!! I could have every single model… but not every pair matches my round face, I like specially the classic, big black sunnies, because if I don’t wear make up the sunglasses will be it, but lately I have been trying more crazy shapes, little ones and with colors…

About brands I really don’t care because I treat my sunglasses very bad… I don’t know if is bad luck, but I always make them fall on the ground or I forget to put them in their case and sometimes I break them… I had a few experiences like this that taught me to don’t go for very expensive ones… fortunately even in the gas station you can find nowadays stylish sunglasses without breaking any budget…

These are the sunglasses models that I have been wearing a lot this year!!! And also next year will still be very hot!! the smaller your sunglasses are the better and the trendiest

Which is your favorite style?




The Fringe Jacket

September 27, 2018

The layer situation has arrived! The days are chilly and now it’s time to wear jackets and pants. Thankfully in the Ticino region the sunny days never disappoint. This is a basic outfit that I’m making look more fashionable thanks to the fringes jacket. The one i bought years ago is again trendy! Everything western or cowboy style is super hot!. So remember, invest in nice, good quality and particular pieces of clothes that can last (maybe forever) because trends are always coming back. Check maybe the closet of your mom and grandma! for sure you will find treasures!!

Continue Reading…


Grey Checked Suit

September 26, 2018

Have you try mix and match in your outfits?

In this outfit of the day I am wearing two different kind of checked fabrics.  It’s cool to find different pieces that can help you create a suit style outfit, even more when wearing suits is such a hot trend right now. The jacket and the trousers are from different brands and I bought them also in different seasons, it’s good that now I can match them together and have my own style of suite which is a very wide and loose one. Very comfortable and classic.  Continue Reading…


Los Turistas – Taiwan

September 24, 2018

Este video es una pequeña compilación de nuestros momentos en Taiwan. Fue un viaje corto, pero espectacular y delicioso porque realmente no paramos de comer!! jajaja… Fue todo un deleite la degustación de platos locales y otras fusiones con comida de otros países. Taiwan es un país muy tranquilo en el que se siente mucho la influencia occidental, pero sobretodo la japonesa. Es muy ordenado, limpio y la gente muy educada y respetuosa. No veo la hora de volver para tomarme muchos litros de Té con leche!!! al que curiosamente no le tomé ningún video o foto para que vean… solo recuerdo que hice stories de cuando estaba ahí, pero no este video. Se los juro que bebí te a mares! Espero que les guste y los inspire a visitar esta isla bonita en Asia.

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This video is a small compilation of our moments in Taiwan. It was a short trip, but spectacular and delicious because we really did not stop eating!! hahaha… It was a delight to taste local dishes and other fusions with food from other countries. Taiwan is a very quiet country in which the western influence is very much felt, but above all the Japanese one. It is very neat, clean and the people very polite and respectful. I can’t wait to return to drink many liters of milk tea! to which curiously I didn’t take any video or photo to show you… I just remember that I made stories  for Instagram about it when I was there, but not in this video. I swear to you that I drank seas of milk tea! I hope you like it and inspire you to visit this beautiful island in Asia.

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