Osteria Donada

November 1, 2016

Osteria Donada forever in our tummies and hearts.

In the heart of Montagnola, district of Lugano, in Switzerland, stood Osteria Donada, a family owned restaurant which offered dishes with traditional recipes of the region, accompanied by a fine selection of wines from small producers of Ticino.

We not only loved to go here for the amazing food, but also for the home sensation Donada emanates. The main idea of this delicious restaurant was to bring out the flavours of the local products, not just swiss, but from Ticino only. Everything that was served didn’t come from 40 kilometres away, only typical food from the region’s gastronomy, super fresh and yummy. OMG! The cheeses were to die for!.

They did not have a set menu, as I explained you before, everything was local and they worked with the products that were available every season. The value for money was really good, to be a swiss restaurant, it was really affordable. Just to confirm all the good things I am saying about Osteria Donada, you can read more reviews in the Web. 

The last time I was there with my family, I had my Nikon with me and took these pictures, with the purpose of writing a post and letting you know about this place in Lugano, but I just got to know it closed down!, and with no news about if is going to open somewhere else…  (my heart is broken </3). Anyway I wanted to write this post and publish the pictures to show you their espectacular dishes.

Those were lovely evenings with delicious food…

Hopefully Donada opens in the future somewhere else. So far, it will be truly missed in Collina D’Oro.

Thank you Seba for the hospitality and unforgettable food.

Good Luck!

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