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September 30, 2018


If you have been following me for a while you for sure noticed that I’m a sunglasses lover!! I could have every single model… but not every pair matches my round face, I like specially the classic, big black sunnies, because if I don’t wear make up the sunglasses will be it, but lately I have been trying more crazy shapes, little ones and with colors…

About brands I really don’t care because I treat my sunglasses very bad… I don’t know if is bad luck, but I always make them fall on the ground or I forget to put them in their case and sometimes I break them… I had a few experiences like this that taught me to don’t go for very expensive ones… fortunately even in the gas station you can find nowadays stylish sunglasses without breaking any budget…

These are the sunglasses models that I have been wearing a lot this year!!! And also next year will still be very hot!! the smaller your sunglasses are the better and the trendiest

Which is your favorite style?



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