Dungarees & other Basics

September 8, 2017

I love summer so much, as I guess as many of you… for me as a latina from the coast of Ecuador is really hard to see summer getting to an end… But it is not over yet, until September 22, so I will keep posting photos of my summer outfits in Switzerland… I have so much delay… hahahaha… Sorry, not sorry… At the moment I am in the USA and with the traveling, the jet lag and my “take it easy” way of thinking (for this blog only, it is my hobby and I want to keep it like that.) I haven’t been up to date with my blog to show you day by day what I wore…  However, here I am with a new, very simple, basic summer outfit. Better late than never, right?

I have learn with time, after traveling so much (because I can’t take my whole wardrobe with me) to choose better to don’t spend so much money in clothes all the time. Maybe start trying to understand your lifestyle. This helped me to don’t buy as crazy in the sales for example… Save money for your dream bag, shoes, and spend very little in clothes… I mean, spend in good quality basic garments that are going to last for a long time of course, that means “spend little in clothes” for me, because you won’t spend every time in the same style of shirt, do you?. I think you can always wear basics and give the upgrade to your style with your accesories as I do… I can wear a Zara outfit with a Balenciaga bag and it will always look chic anyways… what do you think? Is it better to have expensive accessories only or everything?.


Dungarees – Urban Revivo
Glasses – Didi Biu China 

Bralette – Dior
Mules – Chiara Ferragni

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