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September 15, 2016


The trend of the patchworks, beads and embroidery is stronger than ever.

The last days I have been working in the DIY decoration with beaded embroidery on this old denim vest from Zara. I bought it two years ago, and even though plain looks great, because it is a timeless garment, I was a bit tired and decided to decorate it with some beads and embroidery.

Day after day something new was added, so the little project became not a big, but a demanding one, I sew every single little thing you see here. This is the final result and I couldn’t be more happy with my very own personalized beaded embroidery vest.


Customization is one of my favourites things to do, because I love to have unique things. I really enjoy transforming them, appropriate them & make them mine with my personal work & style. It took some time and tears (just kidding), but as I said before I am satisfied with the final work and the finish of the patchwork with beads.

Coming soon an outfit post with my new vest.

By the way. Although the denim vest is perfect for me already, maybe I will end up adding more patches or beads eventually. It still has lots of space to refill. hehe… See some “instructions” below and have fun.

Find inspiration and start your own project now. Be unique!



From the days when I was also an accessory designer for the ‘Happy Accesories‘. I was lucky to have already most of the materials that used for this project.
De los días en que también era una diseñadora de accesorios para ‘Happy Accesories‘. Tuve la suerte de contar ya con casi todos los materiales para este proyecto.

beads, fabric, thongs, safety pins, threads for embroidery or patches or anything you have to decorate. You can also try painting your garments, for instance with Sharpie markers.

cuentas, tela, cintas, imperdibles, hilos de bordado o parches ó lo que tengas para decorar. Puedes también probar pintar tu ropa, incluso con marcadores permanentes, con Sharpies por ejemplo.


You can try embroider directly to the denim fabric, but I preferred to add a piece extra of fabric over, like net, to tighten up the beads with the threads.

Puedes tratar de bordar directamente en la tela jean, pero preferí añadir un pedazo de tela extra, sobre la del chaleco, tipo red, para apretar mejor las cuentas con los hilos.


I had this paillette aplique that I sew at the bottom of the vest.

Tenía este aplique con lentejuelas que cosí en la parte inferior del chaleco.


Draw the words or shapes with pencil, and then embroider the beads over what is written, preferably in pairs, to secure them better. I saw a tutorial in Youtube to get a better finish. It’s super easy to do.

Dibuja las palabras o figuras con lápiz, y luego borda las cuentas sobre lo escrito, preferiblemente de dos en dos para asegurarlas mejor. Vi un tutorial en Youtube para lograr un mejor acabado. Es súper fácil de hacer.


After the beads and embroidery were done I proceed to remove the pieces of fabric that were between the embroidery and the denim fabric. I left only the fancywork.

Después de que las cuentas y los bordados estaban terminados, procedí a remover los pedazos de tela que estaban entre los bordados y la tela jean. Sólo deje los bordados.


Details from close.
Detalles desde cerca.

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