Coldest Place I’ve Ever Been

December 29, 2016

This December our swiss parents took us on a holiday in the mountains!

Now, finally defrosted I can show you some pictures of the places we visited… The main destination was Livigno in Italy, however we had time to pass by lovely italian towns that face Como lake and also the swiss towns of St. Moritz and Davos. And as usual I fell in love with the landscapes. Sometimes it felt like being in another planet when you are surrounded only by the mountains and snow.

Those were really cold temperatures for mine tropical body, hehehe… really! Everytime we arrived home I went directly into the bed to get warm. Uff… I wore so many layers… but, even under those temperatures I managed to brave the cold in style, of course.

I have never been in a ski resort, however, I didn’t feel like trying to learn to snowboard (which is the sport I would try in the snow definitely.) Maybe next time, with more soft snow, I can manage to fall without breaking my ass… This time I was not ready yet. Sorry, I was freezing… hahaha…

Enjoy this photo diary from the lovely mountains.

Thank you Dano & Clo!


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