The White Jacket

April 24, 2018

I have been all into adding jackets and hats to my outfits lately, have you notice? I don’t usually like to wear layers but the blazers are something else, they are elegant and in any season this garment looks chic.

Well, this time I come with a sporty basic outfit from the modern corners of Lugano. Remember: things that you must have in your wardrobe? Blazers! they are timeless and make your outfit look casual even when you wear sneakers. I love to do this mix! what do you think?. Continue Reading…


Denim Yellow Jacket

April 23, 2018

Milano or Milan at the north of Italy is a gorgeous city for many reasons, but it is famous for the design and style. Since is one of the four capitals of fashion and the industrial capital of the country, at least once in a lifetime you have to visit it to experience a very curated italian lifestyle, learn a bit of the long history, eat great food, meet nice people, see beautiful architecture, art and fashion. 

I have visited the city many times before, but  I had to stop and shot some pictures in this cobblestone street with those neoclassical buildings! It’s so beautiful! Definitely you can’t never get enough photos of italy!!  Continue Reading…


Light Spring

April 18, 2018

Always in love with the baby/pastel colors… An sporty outfit for the chilly days during spring.

Siempre enamorada de los colores bebé/pasteles… Un outfit deportivo para esos días fríos en primavera.

Continue Reading…


Basic Bodysuit

April 17, 2018

As you may already know, I am a basics lady. Doesn’t matter the occasion, basics of quality are my everyday choice. And now for you I have found a super cheap Website where you can find the white body suit i am wearing in this post. I am working in collaboration with the asian brand @ToSave  to show you how their products look in reality, where so far I am finding really good and the best, the price!!! They might be cheap, but for me they need to be of 100% cotton for example to be of good quality and this bodysuit is. So if you would like to do some clothing shopping from your home try with link I am leaving you here! Continue Reading…

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