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Turbante Animalier

September 17, 2018

It’s Monday again!… sometimes it’s hard to start, but you gotta get out of your bed and do your things, right? I guess as many others out there without a coffee I am in a coma… just after a sip I start waking up… It’s good to know that everywhere in Lugano you are able to find a good coffee, even at the skatepark where I spend the whole weekend promoting our brand Macello Apparel. I had so much fun and it was really cool to see everybody gathered to support the local skate scene… are you supporting already? Please pass by our new Website and let me know what do you think and what we should improve… I’d appreciate it!  Continue Reading…


Kappa is Back

September 13, 2018

Hola gente!!

As you may have noticed all those old brands, specially the sportswear brands like: Champion, Fila and as well as Kappa, the italian brand, are back!!! It’s becoming mainstream to wear those brands actually… OMG In China everyone was wearing Fila and Champion that I couldn’t be part of that… hahaha… However they didn’t know Kappa yet… And last week that I went to Como I found a little shop where they sell everything about the brand! It was funny to find a ZERO fashionable shop selling super trendy garments. It’s cool to see they didn’t need any advertisement to go mainstream, but one big influencer (I don’t know who) wore the brand and now they are back, not in the sports, but in the fashion game!. How cool is that?. The owners must be happy with the sales, right?…

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Fashion + Shop, Lookbook


September 11, 2018

Feeling sexy and romantic in this look… It’s still summer in Lugano, so there is no need to use any pullover or jacket to go around… You can melt in these temperatures thankfully! Really! I am not looking forward for the layers…. they can come never!!! So, If I can wear clothes that can keep me fresh and fashionable I will… 

Today in this outfit I am wearing a unique red lace top from another of my favorite designers in Ecuador: Amparo Gómez. And not because she is my aunt, but because she has lots of talent and I love her red collections!!! I am super happy to find overtime more and more fashion designers in my country with a great sense of style. Can’t wait to go back home and do shopping of unique pieces made in Ecuador.  Continue Reading…


Where to get the Best Mom Pants

September 9, 2018

I love Ticino in Switzerland because it’s always sunny! I took advantage of the golden hour to take photos and show you my two favorite basics: Denim ruffled shirt and the mom shorts!. These high waist shorts are the best item i’ve found lately… they are super comfortable and fashionable! Truly I can’t stop wearing them with any kind of tops and shoes. The shirt as soon as I saw in the windows of H&M went straight for it. You know I love ruffles and denim, so it was the perfect item to add to my wardrobe. How do you like this combo? 

If you are looking for the perfect mom pants (or any kind of denim pants) at the best price I have to recommend the ones from Zara! I think the brand has improved a lot with their denim quality, bringing more fashionable garments and with a nice fitting. I love them! most of my denim comes from the spanish brand.  

Another one is Topshop! they do have great mom pants that fit awesome too! but I guess Zara is more likely to be in your hometown so you can try them directly if you don’t want to wait for a shipping from England.

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Yellow Checked mini skirt

September 6, 2018

El verano está llegando a su fin lamentablemente… A muchas personas les encanta cuando llega el otoño/invierno porque dicen que se pueden vestir de una forma más elegante o con más cosas encima para crear un look más sofisticado?… En serio? pfff…. me encanta la ropa, pero no espero con ansias una estación sólo para ponerme más. No sé, pero yo soy feliz en sandalias, shorts y tops cortos… pero bueno… me tengo que ir acostumbrando a la idea de las capas (si, luego de años de vivir en Europa todavía no me vuelve loca la idea del frío)… De hecho aunque tenga ropa linda, ni me dan ganas de salir de casa… jajajaja… En fin… Qué tal les parece la tendencia tartán? está de vuelta y eso si me hace feliz porque a mi me encanta este clásico ingles. Continue Reading…

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