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June 5, 2018

I was extremely happy when I received the email where @Stylight said they wanted to feature me in their series ‘GET THE FASHION BLOGGER LOOK‘. Everything started when I got “discovered” by  the German online magazine by participating in their Instagram contest where for the first time in my life I won something: A pair of Vans!!! (I fucking love Vans, you know that!). And I have to tell you, these are the things that make me look forward and keep up with the blogging! I do not do it for the fame or IG numbers, It’s my hobby to inspire people to make a beautiful life with the simple things and believe in themselves that they can also be an inspiration for someone else, somewhere else in this planet!! I love when I can be that one person!

Big thanks again @Stylight!! so if you want to read my article here is the link:

But if you can’t read in German (as me) here is the translation for you!! I hope you like it!! 

My style is very eclectic. I am a woman who loves to be comfortable in her clothes. My comfortability in a outfit is based on if I will be able to run with it… hahaha… so i wear what I like without going mad about being up to date with trends, I know each one comes with different beautiful things that would suit me, my style, my body, age, etc. I like to mix styles, time periods, textures, colors in my outfits, even though total blacks looks are my favorite.

Another thing about feeling comfy: I do, think what to wear everyday according to what I will be doing or seeing that day… I don’t want to look too much or too less… hahaha… I think some people lie when they say they put the first thing they see in the closet that morning… Nowadays we are all self conscious about the image we want to project of ourselves. Continue Reading…



May 31, 2018

El otro día por medio de las Stories en mi cuenta de Instagram @caritoviena les pude enseñar lo que es la experiencia IKEA en Shanghai. Yo he vivido en el país por más de dos años y las pocas veces que fui el panorama siempre fue el mismo: gente de todas las edades disfrutando del lugar, tal y cual como estar en un parque.

Los que hemos visitado el lugar sabemos que la cadena sueca tiene un gran show room para que puedas ver, probar y elegir tus productos de una manera fácil y práctica. Pero en China, este show room no sólo sirve como referencia para tu compra, sino que es utilizado al máximo por sus visitantes, ya sea por sus cómodos sofas y camas, el negocio también tiene acondicionador de aire, lo que lo hace el lugar perfecto para descansar un buen rato. Existen muchos artículos escritos sobre este tema en la Web y no lo pude creer hasta que yo misma fui y me encontré con gente durmiendo plácidamente en las camas sin reparo alguno y han habido casos donde han encontrado a gente utilizando el baño! jajajaja…  si! el baño de exposición! sin agua! imagínense… Y aunque han habido cambios en el reglamento para evitar estas situaciones sigue siendo muy difícil implementarlas.

A mi no me molestó en absoluto encontrarme con gente disfrutando del lugar, ya que para mi todo en una cultura diferente a la mía me parece fascinante y puedo decir que me he divertido como nunca comprando muebles. Definitivamente, IKEA en Shanghai más que un lugar de compras para el hogar, es un área de relajación en la ciudad y en este video te lo enseño.

Cómo es ir a comprar muebles en tu país? crees que te dejarían disfrutarlos antes de comprarlos?… en mi país no creo.

The other day through the Stories on my Instagram account @caritoviena I could show you what the IKEA experience is in Shanghai. I have lived in the country for more than two years and the few times I went the picture was always the same: people of all ages enjoying the place, just like being in a park.

Those of us who have visited the place know that the Swedish chain has a great show room so you can see, try and choose your products in an easy and practical way. But in China, this show room not only serves as a reference for your purchase, but is used to the fullest by its visitors, whether for its comfortable sofas and beds, the business also has air conditioner, which makes it the perfect place to rest a good time. There are many articles written on this topic on the Web and I could not believe it until I went myself and I found people sleeping peacefully on the beds without any qualms and there have been cases where they have found people using the bathroom! Hahahaha yeah! the exhibition bathroom! without water! Imagine… And although there have been changes in the regulations to avoid these situations, it is still very difficult to implement them.

It didn’t bother me at all to find people enjoying the place, because for me everything in a culture different from mine fascinates me and I can say that I had fun as never buying furniture. Definitely, IKEA in Shanghai more than a home shopping place, it’s a relaxation area in the city and in this video I show it to you.

How is going to buy furniture in your country? Do you think they would let you enjoy them before buying them?… in my country I do not think so.


La Perla

May 17, 2018

Estuve en Guayaquil hace sólo un mes y no veo la hora de regresar! me encanta volver a casa siempre! obvio, no? a quién no le gusta volver a su hogar? jajaja… Pero bueno, ahora me queda solamente esperar el próximo viaje en Octubre… (Mi prima Adriana se casa!!! yeeei!!!)

Bueno este es un outfit deportivo para un día de “turismo” en mi ciudad, me fui a visitar La Perla, que es una atracción que tiene casi un par de años de estar construida pero que en mi ultimo viaje no tuve tiempo ni de pasar de cerca, pero esta vez sí aproveche y tomé algunas fotos. Continue Reading…


Greenery Monocolor

May 16, 2018

Wearing a total Zara look in this outfit post, but really totally! haha… from top to bottom wearing this Spanish brand that I love absolutely!. Did you know I used to work here when I was living in The Netherlands?. It was a very hectic job, but I enjoyed so much, plus I met great people that now I can call friends… Oh! I miss working at Zara and Amsterdam sometimes… Now in Switzerland the life is very calm and I am getting used to it… Continue Reading…


Wisteria Babe

May 15, 2018

I can’t believe these wisteria flowers are gone!!! These last weeks felt like summer and the whole was blooming big time, until the cold came back to ruin everything… My wisteria is now histeria… does it make sense? hahaha…

How cute is this blouse of the ecuadorian fashion designer Andrea Vega!!
I hope soon i can wear this look again without a jacket… because it’s really chilly outside! Continue Reading…

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