July 17, 2018


Taipei is the sister city of Tokyo, this might be already a good introduction of why I fell in love with it… so I will go straight to the point:

  1. The food will never disappoint. Taipei has different street food night markets that will make you get to know the culture from the inside. Your tongue will taste delicious flavors that influenced their chinese food and you belly will be happy.
  2. The are the creators of the MILK TEA!!!! So there are many tea houses in the city, each one offering one better than the other… Even in the forgotten alleys you will find a little tea house with a yummy “Nai Cha”
  3. The freedom and access to all the information. Google, FB, IG are open!
  4. The access to the beach by metro in only 40 minutes. So you can scape anytime for a swim and come back without the worries of the traffic jams or the parking of a car.
  5. The safety in the walking paths and streets in general. You don’t have to worry about an scooter running over you, since they must ride on the streets and plus, they people must wear helmets!.
  6. Nobody will push you or cut the lines. For instance the metro will arrive and the people will wait for the others to go out before trying to enter. Normal anywhere, right?. Well… try this in China…
  7. Did I mention the food? Really, everywhere you go the food will be great!
  8. The courtesy and respect of their people is unbelievable. Most of them will understand English, they might be shy to reply, but they will help you in anything you need.
  9. Taipei is a big city, but very calm and quite. The people try to don’t even speak on their phones if they are in public spaces, like the metro or elevator… Like Tokyo. 
  10. Definitely the authenticity. Everything you will see in Taipei is because their own people did thought of it, made it, build it. 

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Ruffles Overall

July 10, 2018

Feeling sweet with this pink top and my heels?… wait, what?…

Yes, there are the days when I feel like wearing a more “girly girl” outfit… What does it mean to me? (cause I am super feminine anyway!) I wear sandals!!! and sometimes even with some heel!!! hahaha… If you really know my style or follow me in Instagram you might have already noticed that I am a truly sneaker lover and that it’s mainly the kind of shoe I will go for in most of my outfits… However, this is a very classic style of shoe, so why not for those casual events?… Plus with this sweet overall with ruffles on the shoulders those little heels made a perfect match! of course, even with these shoes I can run, so this is a very comfy outfit anyway! Continue Reading…


Minimal Sporty

July 5, 2018

I love colors and I am not scare to wear them, however my favorite outfits are always the monochromes because are my always ready to go. I don’t like to think too much about what to wear everyday, I like my basics, so when I found this overall dress in color white I couldn’t just leave it in the shop, because this is what I would call a ‘smart acquisition’, this is a basic dress perfect for any occasion and it was also so cheap. This is the style of garment that is timeless, minimal and I can match it with different tops and shoes in any other color and style… Of course my first choice was to wear it with this black top and sneakers. But it was so hot and humid that I had to made my Oldkulls become mules, I really wanted to wear my Vans that day… haha… Are you also a sneaker addict like me?… What is your favorite brand? I love Vans, Nike and Converse.  Continue Reading…


Anti Social Social Club

July 4, 2018

Este “atuendo” es lo que realmente significa “me puse lo primero que encontré en mi armario” porque es uno de esos días en los que no me importa nada, peor todavía, no me importa nadie… fue mi esposo quien me regaló esta camiseta que refleja perfectamente como me siento algunos días en esta ciudad. Continue Reading…

Fashion + Shop, Styles


June 5, 2018

I was extremely happy when I received the email where @Stylight said they wanted to feature me in their series ‘GET THE FASHION BLOGGER LOOK‘. Everything started when I got “discovered” by  the German online magazine by participating in their Instagram contest where for the first time in my life I won something: A pair of Vans!!! (I fucking love Vans, you know that!). And I have to tell you, these are the things that make me look forward and keep up with the blogging! I do not do it for the fame or IG numbers, It’s my hobby to inspire people to make a beautiful life with the simple things and believe in themselves that they can also be an inspiration for someone else, somewhere else in this planet!! I love when I can be that one person!

Big thanks again @Stylight!! so if you want to read my article here is the link:

But if you can’t read in German (as me) here is the translation for you!! I hope you like it!! 

My style is very eclectic. I am a woman who loves to be comfortable in her clothes. My comfortability in a outfit is based on if I will be able to run with it… hahaha… so i wear what I like without going mad about being up to date with trends, I know each one comes with different beautiful things that would suit me, my style, my body, age, etc. I like to mix styles, time periods, textures, colors in my outfits, even though total blacks looks are my favorite.

Another thing about feeling comfy: I do, think what to wear everyday according to what I will be doing or seeing that day… I don’t want to look too much or too less… hahaha… I think some people lie when they say they put the first thing they see in the closet that morning… Nowadays we are all self conscious about the image we want to project of ourselves. Continue Reading…

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