La Perla

May 17, 2018

Estuve en Guayaquil hace sólo un mes y no veo la hora de regresar! me encanta volver a casa siempre! obvio, no? a quién no le gusta volver a su hogar? jajaja… Pero bueno, ahora me queda solamente esperar el próximo viaje en Octubre… (Mi prima Adriana se casa!!! yeeei!!!)

Bueno este es un outfit deportivo para un día de “turismo” en mi ciudad, me fui a visitar La Perla, que es una atracción que tiene casi un par de años de estar construida pero que en mi ultimo viaje no tuve tiempo ni de pasar de cerca, pero esta vez sí aproveche y tomé algunas fotos. Continue Reading…


Greenery Monocolor

May 16, 2018

Wearing a total Zara look in this outfit post, but really totally! haha… from top to bottom wearing this Spanish brand that I love absolutely!. Did you know I used to work here when I was living in The Netherlands?. It was a very hectic job, but I enjoyed so much, plus I met great people that now I can call friends… Oh! I miss working at Zara and Amsterdam sometimes… Now in Switzerland the life is very calm and I am getting used to it… Continue Reading…


Wisteria Babe

May 15, 2018

I can’t believe these wisteria flowers are gone!!! These last weeks felt like summer and the whole was blooming big time, until the cold came back to ruin everything… My wisteria is now histeria… does it make sense? hahaha…

How cute is this blouse of the ecuadorian fashion designer Andrea Vega!!
I hope soon i can wear this look again without a jacket… because it’s really chilly outside! Continue Reading…


A Coffee with Karl Lagerfeld

May 9, 2018

Another day, another outfit post. This time I came to show you a sporty look that matches with the kitchen of my in laws!! haha… So sleepy, but I had to show you this tee I bought in China of Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary fashion designer and photographer with his cat Choupette in Hawaii!!… cute, isn’t it?


Otro día, otro post de mi outfit. Esta vez vine para mostrarles un look deportivo que combina con la cocina de mis suegros! haha… Un poco dormida, pero tenía que mostrarles esta camiseta de Karl Lagerfeld con su gato Chuopete en Hawaii!!.. linda, no?


Continue Reading…


My Vogue Mags & Stripes

May 8, 2018

I love to buy every now and then paper magazines… I’m aware that you can buy and read them online, but I really enjoy the feeling of reading on paper, it’s good to change from the screen your iPhone or computer sometimes you know… So, since my magazine shopping is not every month, when I do is because I will have a long travel or for my collection.  Continue Reading…

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