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My Classics – Denim Jacket

August 17, 2018

Tienes una chaqueta denim si o no?. Si aún no lo tienes, la ALERTA DE TENDENCIA para ti es: el estilo western/vaquero será muy “hot” estas próximas temporadas de otoño/invierno, definitivamente un momento perfecto para agregarla a tu vestuario.

Una de las cosas que jamás ha faltado en mi armario ha sido una chaqueta de mezclilla. Así como tener un par de jeans obligatorio (aunque conozco gente que no tiene ni un sólo pantalón) es igual de funcional tener este tipo de chaqueta. Este elemento sí que es un clásico que nunca irá fuera de onda, ya que combina con todo lo que te pongas independientemente de tu estilo personal, edad, figura, etc. Continue Reading…


Classic Animal

August 16, 2018

Always being so comfortable wearing animal print… I simply feel in my skin… definitely is a fashion classic that is always ready to be worn in any season… I love it! I have dresses, coats, tights, sandals, sneakers… anything nice, timeless and gorgeous in leopard print I will try to have it! 

Don’t be shy, wear it and rock it! 


Siempre me he sentido tan cómoda usando estampados de animales… Simplemente siento en mi piel… Definitivamente es un clásico de moda que siempre está listo para ser usado en cualquier época del año… ¡Me encanta! Tengo vestidos, abrigos, medias, sandalias, zapatos deportivos… ¡cualquier cosa bonita, intemporal y preciosa con estampado de leopardo intentaré tenerla!

¡No seas tímida, úsala y rockeala!


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My Classics – Polka Dots dress

August 14, 2018

Feeling like a 60’s girl in Shanghai with my polka dots dress in navy blue. This in one on the classics that you will find in my closet in every color, blouse, tights, etc. these dots never out of style! It’s a trend that is always coming back, right?… On the next posts I will try to write more about the things I’d always wear, you know already I am a “basics lover” and with time I have learnt the: ‘choose well to spend less‘, so there are few basic items I believe every woman have to have for everyday outfit, classics that will always match your style, age or shape and will safe you some money since are timeless. The thing is not getting bigger than the size of the garment in order to don’t buy more of the same every time. hahaha…  Continue Reading…


Pink Kinda Day

August 6, 2018

Wearing my favorite Ecuadorian fashion brand: ANDREA VEGA 


I love to wear mono-color outfits, this time I wore an almost total pink to look like a “flamingo” this summer… haha… Maybe when in doubt you  can try matching same color items (as when only wearing total black outfits) and voilá! what is your favorite color to match completely in your look? apart of black and white of course… I almost wore a pair of pink sandals, but I simply can’t stop wearing my vans… hahaha… 

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Sunday Swimsuit

August 5, 2018

How are you babes???

Summer, oh beautiful summer… my favorite season of the year… Since I came back from China I’ve being chilling by the pool and the lake quite a lot (if you see my IG stories)… as well I’ve been working a lot which means so little time to come to the blog… But today I could come and share these photos my hubby took of me. Thanks to him most of the time I have content to show you… hahaha… God bless those husbands! Thank you amore!!

How are you feeling about wearing a swimsuits? I have only a couple since it’s not my favorite to sunbathe… (I believe most of the women out there prefer bikinis to get that summer tan color) but it’s really good for swimming and/or to wear as a body with shorts. Do you wear your swimsuit as a bodysuit? I do sometimes… hehe… 

I will keep enjoying the hot and sunny days while the last and come back little by little with more outfits I still have to share from China and Switzerland!


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